Connect to your Power.

Infinite SOULutions, LLC is a platform for Personal and Professional Development. 

Our Vision - REACH, TEACH, & TRANSFORM over 1 million lives globally.

Our Mission - through our customizable coaching programs we empower our clients to realize their true potential and purpose either personally or professionally and develop a roadmap to achieve sustainable results within a proven structure of support.

You have a power breathing you greater than any condition or circumstance.  Tap into your infinite potential. 

We teach you how to define, design, and manifest the life of your dreams.

  • Do you want to start your own business but don't know where to begin?
  • Do you have a high school or college student who feels stuck, overwhelmed, or unclear about the future?
  • Do you feel like there is more to life but you haven't found it yet?
  • Do you struggle with confidence, negative self-talk, or complacency?

Schedule a complimentary strategy session to discuss the area of life you would LOVE to improve.

Carrie Schmidt, Founder & CEO is obsessed with RESULTS!  She has been leading highly successful teams and transforming companies for over a decade.  Realizing her own power and potential to have a greater impact on more lives, Carrie decided to leave corporate America and spend time in Los Angeles studying with  Mary Morrissey to become a Certified LifeMastery Consultant.

If you are interested in transforming your life or business then contact Infinite SOULutions to guide you through your transformational journey.


YOU CAN Live a Life you Love!

Do You Want to Achieve AMAZING RESULTS in Your Business?

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Increase Your Bottom Line Profitability

Cultivate Your Sales Strategy

Eliminate Downtime & Waste

Implement Strategic Goals

Continuous Improvement Consulting - Transform Your Business.

Whether you are a small business owner, operations manager or CEO of a million dollar company, you will find priceless value in the Lean Methodology offered by Infinite SOULutions.

Carrie Schmidt

Need a Life Coach?

It's time to start loving the life you're living. Take your first steps toward finding your limitless potential. Schedule a one-on-one with Carrie to discuss your personal goals and aspirations.

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“Carrie Schmidt was a great speaker and presenter of the Vision Workshop. She presented a motivational and inspirational message to middle school students, and they actually HEARD her message. It was an incredible experience to hear the realistic dreams that my students hope to accomplish in the coming years. Students were imagining life in three years, and each student had a sense of excitement when she encouraged them to find a dream. It was a huge morale boost in the classroom. Highly recommend for students and adults!”

Laura Merk, 6th Grade Teacher, Springfield Middle School - Fort Mill, SC

“Carrie has inspired me to learn and be open to change through trying things that are out of my comfort zone in the effort of positive growth.”

Isabel Almeida - Inside Sales/Customer Service Specialist FLXON, Incorporated Charlotte, NC

“Carrie Schmidt has altered the perception of my own life through the power of vision and belief. She is amazing at what she does! She has empowered me to want to be, and work to become the man I know I can be.”

Kaid Christian, Matthews, NC (20 years old)

“Looking at the definition of “life coach” explains so much about my friend, colleague and mentor, Carrie Schmidt. I have worked for and with Carrie for over 10 years. I believe that every aspect of the definition, stated above, exemplifies what Carrie is about.”

Edwin Derr II, Plant Manager CCL Container, Hermitage Pa.

"Carrie is a life coach and a true master at working at the proper pace with individuals to make them realize that although they are putting forth tremendous effort during their waking hours, they are indeed, in a way, asleep. She creates an awakening of the spirit and the mind and when I tell you she changes the way people look at the world and how they interact in it I mean it in a transformational way I have never experienced before.”

Jason Rice, CEO, Master Solutions, LLC

"Meeting Carrie and attending her workshop was a huge privilege and a joy. I would attend many more!  Carrie has a magical way connecting to people and setting everyone at ease.  I believe Carrie brings out the best in everyone she meets.  Her passion for making dreams come true is contagious and inspiring.  I so enjoyed her workshop and the lovely experience of the time machine exercise.  Carrie is authentic, sincere, and super motivational.  I encourage others to attend her workshops!  Ruth A Roldan."

Ruth A. Roldan

Carrie Schmidt

Carrie offers inspiring and interactive workshops to corporate and non-profit organizations as well as in-depth, personalized coaching programs to individuals and groups focused on empowering her clients to create a crystal clear vision of success and happiness. In accelerated time, she helps them close the GAP from the life they are living now to the life they truly DESIRE and LOVE living.

Transform your Life or Your Business, NOW!

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