Youth Vision Movement

Being a TEEN today can be terrifying - there is so much uncertainty, negativity, and criticism in the news, schools, social media, politics, and communities. It's time for a MOVEMENT - it's time to focus on the FUTURE, NOW!

The YOUTH VISION MOVEMENT is a middle school centric program which offers a 4-part Vision Building experience through a yearlong journey of Exploration, Education, Engagement and Empowerment that concludes with an annual rewards and recognition event.

“Carrie Schmidt was a great speaker and presenter of the Vision Workshop. She presented a motivational and inspirational message to middle school students, and they actually HEARD her message. It was an incredible experience to hear the realistic dreams that my students hope to accomplish in the coming years. Students were imagining life in three years, and each student had a sense of excitement when she encouraged them to find a dream. It was a huge morale boost in the classroom. Highly recommend for students and adults!”

Laura Merk, 6th Grade Teacher, Springfield Middle School - Fort Mill, SC

“Carrie Schmidt has altered the perception of my own life through the power of vision and belief. She is amazing at what she does! She has empowered me to want to be, and work to become the man I know I can be.”

Kaid Christian, Matthews, NC (20 years old)

"Carrie is a life coach and a true master at working at the proper pace with individuals to make them realize that although they are putting forth tremendous effort during their waking hours, they are indeed, in a way, asleep. She creates an awakening of the spirit and the mind and when I tell you she changes the way people look at the world and how they interact in it I mean it in a transformational way I have never experienced before.”

Jason Rice, CEO, Master Solutions, LLC

What YVM Offers

The Youth Vision Movement begins with its introductory signature experience, "The Vision Building Workshop for Middle Schoolers" which promises students and decision-makers alike, an abbreviated version of its full program.

Students will be Empowered to Think Beyond Limitations and Conditions.


Build Confidence & Positive Self Image

Teens today face challenges no other generation has had to overcome due to technology and social media where pictures / videos are real time and filtered. This leads to fictitious perceptions of others and a comparison syndrome that can be devastating to a teens identity. It's time to build their confidence and self image - NOT break them down!


Communications Skills

This is the most important skill to master in all of life, yet the least common developed in our culture at large. Prevent the problem from occuring later in life - unveil the key components to success NOW.


Power of Perception

Strategic Planning, Conflict Resolution and much more...

Youth Vision Movement

Vision Workshop – Empower, Explore the future.
Seminars for education: Power of Perception, Vehicle of Vision, Success Formula.
Hands on ideas, creations, inventions, community engagement.
Endure – GROW the GAP – overcome the odds.
Market your success
Celebrate Together as a TEAM!

Empower, Educate, Engage & Excite!

The Vision Building Workshops for Middle Schoolers is different in that we offer students participants:

Automated Personal Brand Reports for Youth showcasing their top winning trait
1-pager activity guide
Transformative results in under 1-hour
Actionable ready now strategies
Yearlong program support
Situational based role play scenarios to simulate real life experiences
Ongoing student engagement activities
End of year awards ceremony
Much More!

Build up our future leaders of the world to shine their light brighter to help others see the light!

—Carrie Schmidt

Transform your Life or Your Business, NOW!

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